t-jr. (pronounced "tee-junior") is a DJ & Turntablist based out of Toronto, Canada. She began her journey in 2010, mainly as a music enthusiast and skratch DJ interested in the world of turntablism. Eventually and inevitably, she took her love for music to the mainstream arena, where she discovered the best of both worlds by playing out at various venues while incorporating technical skills within her sets.

She is well known for her expertise in the genre of hip hop, both old and new. Her musical knowledge is also comprehensive across a multitude of genres including: rhythm and blues, jazz, funk, soul, reggae & dancehall, latin, afrobeats, pop & top 40, deep house, and classic rock.

your boyfriend’s favourite dj.

t-jr. displays her unique skills through her ability to tap into the many domains of DJing. She has worked in a variety of settings ranging from high-end restaurants & lounges, to clubs and corporate events, both nationally and internationally. In addition, she has performed showcases alongside several high-profile DJs including Skratch Bastid, Hedspin, Trapment, as well as TJ Mizell, son of the late Jam Master Jay. She is also a frequent competitor in DJ battles including the Canadian DMC DJ Competition.

t-jr.'s passion for music, dedication to her craft, and the art of DJing are the foundational elements to which her success can be attributed to, and that have allowed her to cater to all types of clients by providing listeners with not only good music, but a great musical experience.